The Return of Columbia House?

I haven’t done much research on the subject outside of seeing a few blurbs here and there on the internet about it… But Columbia House is returning by jumping on the vinyl resurgence of the last 7 or 8 years and might offer a subscription service model based on that format alone. Columbia House’s music services really took a hit in 2000 a year after Napster and the advent of the MP3. I have fond memories of being a Columbia House subscriber in the mid ’90s. Fond in the sense that at the time the selection was “ok” and being a teenager that didn’t drive and having a minimal allowance something about scouring the Columbia House CD booklet (I think CDs and Cassettes were their only formats then) for “something” and then writing out the selection codes out the provided order card or even at times using their stamps that were of the cover art signifying the albums you wanted to lick and stick on the card and waiting a few weeks to get a CD in the mail was how we did things back then. I also have fond memories of being a jerk teenager, when I joined before doing the ethical thing, and essentially stole from Columbia House. I am sure I wasn’t the only one! The joys of life before credit history.


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