The “Bowie” section was my record store refuge


I have mentioned in past post write-ups that I really dived into record collecting in 2003. It’s weird, I guess, to think of 13 years ago as the early days of record collecting in my life. In the 13 years since my tastes have changed, bands I liked years ago I find myself not really able to get into anymore, the emotional response has somewhat faded I guess. One thing I have thought about recently in the wake of Bowie’s passing is that when I started out buying records on a semi-as-a-paycheck-could-allow basis is that the Bowie section of the record store was always refuge. We take technology for granted, the ease of streaming, looking a band up on YouTube, etc, but in 2003 though the peer-to-peer file sharing services were common the simple act of downloading an mp3 was still a chore if one did not have a high speed internet connection. In 2016 it’s easy to hear a band’s catalogue and decide to purchase it in some physical form or the other. In 2003 it was hard to blind pick and album in a record store. Sure, record stores did allow for listening in store at listening stations. I was an odd shopper, maybe I still am. I’d sift through record bins, examine covers, examine the condition of the record. Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine it now, I would often have trouble deciding on a record to buy. But I’d always find something in the “Bowie” section. The American pressing of Space Oddity for $6 dollars in 2003 really altered the course of my record collecting journey. Bowie purchases were easier then, much easier now considering he’s left this planet for another. I couldn’t go wrong. Even his ’80s material, that even he disliked himself, I’d love. Bowie was my record store refuge.


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