Thinking about David Bowie


I was thinking about Bowie; obviously due to his┬ádeath. That in turn made me think of Brian Eno. I was reading someone’s take on Bowie’s Lodger album and how, in their opinion, it was a difficult listen. I can honestly say Bowie’s late 70s era is a bit lost on me as I skipped the famed Berlin trilogy of Low, Heroes and Lodger and focused on his early work and his 80s work (for some reason). When I first listened to Lodger I wasn’t taken aback, as I found it to be a great listen… Eno’s influence was all over it. And in that regard Eno’s fingerprints are all over a lot of music that I do enjoy. From Roxy Music to U2, Eno’s work has definitely made music interesting. I was 15 on the cusp of turning 16 years old in the grungified year of 1993 and U2 dropped Zooropa in June. What an interesting listen that album was. It really stands out as a good headphone album. He made guitars not sound like guitar and pushed U2 to not be U2. If that makes any sense. So this really isn’t a Bowie tribute on my part, and I apologize, but it’s more of a Eno worship piece. As I get back into updating more I will share some memories of record collection in regard to Bowie.


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