Lost in Transition (How much does vinyl weigh)

With age comes wisdom. Sadly, sometimes, that gained wisdom is “seldom” applied. Sometimes I think about traveling light. But I only think about when I transition in life. Moving from one residence to another. I also try to nest. I don’t mind settling. I am almost 40. With age, I guess, comes “things”. I realize I accumulate things. Books.. and most importantly.. Records. I amassed a somewhat sizable collection of LPs in my 12 years of being a collector. I came to terms with being a collector. When I was younger, and a bit more cynical, I shunned the notion of “collecting music”. I am pretty sure I said something along the lines of “I listen to music, I don’t collect it..” that seems like something I would have said in my early 20’s.

I wonder how much my record collection weighs. At over 1,100 it has to weigh a ton. I maybe possibly exaggerating that. It felt like it did as I moved it from my house into a moving van literally 3 days before I had to turn in my keys to the house I rented for 3 years. As I type this I realize that collection will be eventually removed from storage once I settle.. again. I’m in transition however. I had a bit of a career change. I had a bit of a life do-over. It was very much needed. Of course I miss my collection. Maybe the time away from it will rekindle a bit of that love. To be honest, I have found in the past that as I looked for something to listen to out of my own collection, I sometimes had that feeling of needing more.

I commute to work. It’s a lengthy commute. I force myself to listen to bad radio. Not sure why I torture myself that way. But I do. I drive freeways I’m overly familiar with, and I’ve sadly become acquainted with the notion of sitting in Southern California traffic being something someone who lives and works and maybe dies here – is part and parcel with the prior. Then, there’s a moment where I might listen to a song in my car as I drive these freeways that I am sure I heard as a child while sitting in the back seat of my parent’s car in the mid 80’s on the same freeways. That Eddie Money song (Take Me Home Tonight) now delegated to the current classic rock stations that have added ’80s and ’90s music to their playlists.


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