Five Questions I asked Ryan Adams In A Dream

It’s not every day that you get to meet one of your favorite musicians in a dream, but I had the opportunity to do just that this morning during the morning hours of 10 a.m.

The setting was surreal as expected. I was back, living at home at my father’s house, and Ryan Adams was staying with us for some reason. I don’t know where Mandy Moore was. Ryan and I, being the best buds that we are in dreams, were doing basic yard upkeep. Ryan didn’t seem to mind doing yard work, he actually seemed to enjoy it.

I asked Ryan a few questions about rock stardom, writing, royalties, rigors of the road and probably spaghetti just as the dream was coming to an end and the harsh reality of reality was causing my eyes to open as Ryan and my father’s yard dissolved and became delegated into dream memory.

Question 1:

Me: Ryan, how much do musicians earn off covers of their songs?
Dream Ryan’s answer was “25 cents a song… For every album song”

I wanted fact check this because I don’t want to simply take Dream Ryan’s word on it. All I could find is things about mechanical licenses and other legal fancy legal jargon.

Question 2:

Me: Ryan, how do you handle rock stardom?
Dream Ryan’s answer was “Let’s get back to yard work.”

Question 3:

Me: Ryan, what is your creative process like? I see that while we are doing yard work, for some reason you have a notepad with you and you are writing song lyrics right as I speak.”
Dream Ryan’s answer was “I write all the time, obviously.”

Question 4:

Me: Spaghetti…..
Dream Ryan: (at this point his mouth was moving and no words could be heard. A car pulled up in front of my father’s home and I started waking up. I just assume it was Mandy Moore… or someone delivering spaghetti.)

I can’t remember the fifth question..

We are nearing the end of the year that was 2014. I will be doing a typical list of releases that I purchased, on “vinyl” this year that stood out. I also did a bit of streaming this year as I have been using the Beats music service so I might include some honorable mentions of albums I didn’t get around buying. I need to get back to updating my Vinyl 100 list and also address some interesting things I experienced this year in the online “Vinyl Collecting Community”.

If you read this far this entry wasn’t really meant as a joke. I really did dream I was hanging out with Ryan Adams.


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