What you need to know about the Beatles in mono

Earlier this week Michael Fremer via his website www.Analogplanet.com dropped the news that most Beatles fanatics/nuts/collectors/all around music lovers, have been waiting for.. the release date for the release of the UK versions (Parlophone) of Beatles mono catalog on vinyl… But something most of “us” (I will lump myself into the catagory of obsessive collector because I have gone down that rabbit hole) weren’t expecting was that the set would be mastered in all analog without any digitizing and sourced from the analogue master tapes. Wait what?

In 2012 the stereo albums were re-released on vinyl for the first time in a long time, and of course the versions were the UK albums that most American’s got via import, or some never even bothered to own because they loved their Capitol albums, and it’s all they ever knew. However the albums, when released, we met with lukewarm reception. Some loved them, some didn’t. I purchased quite a few of the releases, Sgt Peppers, Magical Mystery Tour, and the “White Album/The Beatles” to me were the best sounding of the bunch. But they were digitally sourced, many complained about pressing issues (non fill, warps, etc)

Finally, we (the obsessive compulsive collectors) are getting the mono mixes, on vinyl, and sourced correctly (and honestly), done right. I look forward to this set because for years I collected and wanted the best possibly version of The Beatles albums on the format I love, which is vinyl……. of course. I never thought I’d be able to walk into a record store in the year 2014 and purchase a new copy of “The Beatles aka the white album” on vinyl, in mono, and it being sourced AAA, and for less than $35. That is how one needs to look at this release. Try buying an original UK white album, on mono, via eBay or Discogs and see how much it will set you back.. Same goes for any mono Beatles album on the Parlophone label.

You can pre-order the complete set here: Soundstagedirect.com and also the albums will receive a separate release as well.


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