The Vinyl 100 #93 Charlie Haden – Liberation Music Orchestra

The Vinyl 100 rolls on.. (Remember when it was 100 days of vinyl?) with album #93, plucked from my Ikea Expedit shelves, Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra.

Released in 1969 and very much influenced by the politics of the time, as well as songs from the Spanish Civil War, Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra is borderline avante-garde, free jazz, and political with intent and influence. Bringing together a group of jazz musicians to weave together some very diverse songs but with a unifying theme with a majority of arrangements written by Carla Bley I dare say a jazz album of its time is ahead of its time.. in a way…

Taken from the liner notes inside the jacket:
“The music in this album is dedicated to creating a better world; a world without war and killing, racism, without poverty and exploitation; a world where men of all governments realize the vital importance of life and strive to protect rather than to destroy it. We hope to see a new society of enlightenment and wisdom and creative thought becomes the most dominant force in all people’s lives.”

I want to say, and I think it happened this way, I actually caught the tail end of one of the album tracks being played on KUCR 88.3 (college radio station in Riverside, CA) and it intrigued me. I like my jazz mostly chaotic and without structure. And if I can’t have it that way then I at least like modal jazz. I remember sitting in my car waiting to go into work and I had a tablet with me and had a faint wi-fi connection from the building I worked in and instantly “sound hounded it”. 2 copies later (I almost purchased a white label promo copy which would make it my third but I stopped myself) and it is an album that I dearly love and if I try, I can trace some of its influence to some post-rock bands I enjoy today… like A Silver Mt. Zion. But it’s only if I listen “hard enough…”

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