Television – Marquee Moon


Like a shot of adrenalin into an already adrenalized (work with me in this) late 70’s New York music scene Television’s 1977 debut album Marquee Moon differed greatly from the punk esthetic in the sense that the band’s sound offered a clean and textured sound coupled with Tom Verlain’s sharp lyricism. Finally reissued on vinyl and cut from the analog master tapes AND mastered by Chris Bellman.. the reissue tones down the harsh brightness of the original pressing allowing for a more pleasing listening experience when played at a loud level.. which is how this album should be heard! Definitely worth picking up if you never could pick up an original copy o the Three Men With Beards reissue from a few years ago. By the way, the title track is the full uncut ten minute pls version.


3 thoughts on “Television – Marquee Moon

  1. Nice blog! I’ve been hesitant to pick up Rhino reissues after the Tom Waits reissue fiasco? Have they world out the problems since Thelma.

  2. Hi there

    I just saw this LP in music store today, but wasn’t so shure about ”cut from original master tapes”, although it is written on the sticker. You can’t really know for shure, what kind of masters use these days. So I wanted few more informations and ended here on your blog. Think I’m gona buy it tomorrow.

    regards and keep up with your good reviews 😉

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