In Rotation: Vicky and the Vengents – Sha Na/Not Your Little Girl

I love a good 7″ 45 rpm single… I also love a chance to “wax nostalgic”. In an era of instant gratification and convenience (I love convenience but with it comes sacrifice sometimes..) it is nice to have something tangible, something physical, oh – like a great single backed with an equally great b-side. I met Matt Beld, guitarist of Vicky and the Vengents on father’s day of this year, at Groovers Records in Riverside when I was killing time before actually visiting my father on said fathers day. With the friendly prodding of KUCR’s DJ Tina Bold, Matt gave me a copy of Vicky and the Vengets single Sha Na, backed with “Not Your Little Girl” as the b-side, with the promise I’d listen to it and give it a write-up here on the Vinyl Review. Months later I finally got to it!

Like I said, we live in an era of ultra convenience. Want to find a song from your favorite artist? Odds are you’ll look it up on YouTube. Some say the idea of downloading a song for .99 cents on iTunes ruined the concept of the album. But really, nothing can replace the 7″. You’re holding music in your hand when you hold a record! Vicky and the Vengents harkens back to that time with the subject matter of Sha Na and the two songs couldn’t be more perfect for the 7″.

This is a great single. Both songs do what they need to do in under 3 minutes (isn’t that the best rock and roll?). And on top of that this is a wonderfully pressed 7″ from Groovers Records (which is also operates as a record store in Riverside, CA).  I hope nothing but great things from this band and as I type this they’re already happening. Legendary LA music scene fixture Rodney Bingenheimer recent spun/played Sha Na on his long standing Rodney on the ROQ show on Los Angeles’ KROQ FM.

Check out the video for Sha Na:

For more information on Vicky and the Vengents follow them on Facebook. You can also visit their official website as well.



The Club is.. Closed. Guided By Voices Break Up.

Sad to hear that Guided By Voices are once again calling it quits. Guided By Voices initially called it quits in 2004 after putting out the brilliant “Half Smiles of the Decomposed”. The “classic line-up” reunited in 2010 for Matador at 21.. They’d go on to record again and release six, yes six, albums from 2012 until 2014 with Cool Planet being the final album. No word yet on if the material they were working on will turn up.


U2 released their most cohesive and interesting album in 17 years.. For Free, Today.

Well, it was rumored, but no one expected that U2 would release their album today, but for free during the iPhone 6 conference.

It can be hard being a U2 fan in 2014, or the previous 14 years. But they managed to release their most cohesive, interesting, and focused album in 17 years. I’ve listened to it about 4 times and this is the first time, in a very long time, that I have not felt slightly disappointed in a U2 album.