The “Beat”-les.

I guess if I tried hard enough, I could probably think of another band who accomplished a lot in a little span of time and also evolved from debut to final album in a mesmerizing way.. But right now I can’t, so I am going with The Beatles.

It’s fascinating to think about how much they did in their ten year recording career as a functional band. Granted, they did stop touring which allowed them to spend a lot of time in the studio and churn out albums at a steady rate in the later half of the 60’s… which lead to some amazing studio masterpieces.. Obvious ones, Revolver, “Peppers” etc.

I wonder how many current, influential bands, would have been considered greatest bands of all time if they stopped recording after releasing a seminal album.. I think of U2. What if they stopped after Achtung Baby. I wonder if they’d be more respected. Maybe. Radiohead after Kid A? Who knows. That actually brings to mind The Beatles last album, “Let It Be” which was actually recorded before Abbey Road was released, which preceded Let It Be in release. I believe Let It Be was slagged by music press at the time. It does feel disjointed, but still, at their worse they were quite good… Like U2 and Radiohead.



Eagulls are a post-punk band hailing from Leeds, England – whose sound reminds me a bit of Wire, with a hint of Joy Division. Their influences do shine through and that is fine when a band’s influences more-or-less kick ass. Their self titled release on Partisan came out earlier this month, and I was able to pick up a copy over the weekend. I liked it upon initial listen. Like a lot of music blogs have already picked up on, the track “Possessed” is a stand out on the album.. An album filled with fuzzed-out hook-filled songs. Yeah, that is the best way I can describe the album’s ten tracks. But that is a good thing! I will have to give it a few more spins to let it sink in entirely. So this is another recommended new listen.


In Rotation – Lost In The Trees “Past Life”

Anti Records recording artist – Lost In The Trees – have been described as an “American Orchestral Folk Pop Band.” (even their wikipedia page says so!)  I kind of agree with that. I’ve had their 2014 release “Past Life” in rotation for a few weeks now and it has grown on me. They’ve been around for a while actually, and have four records under their discography. I recommend this album. I do plan on checking out their prior releases, specifically their 2012 release “A Church That Fits Our Needs” given its subject matter.

For more information on the band check out their wikipedia entry.

Also, their website.

….And on Anti Records.


Guided By Voices – Motivational Jumpsuit.

Motivational Jumpsuit is the 20th album by Guided By Voices… alone. The 5th album released since the classic lineup reunited. (5 albums since 2012) Not counting Robert Pollard’s solo albums and other acts associated with GBV… that is 20 albums alone as GBV. As of typing and listening to this, Guided By Voices 21st album is already titled, artwork prepped and date of release has already been announced… “Cool Planet” scheduled for release in May. But let’s focus on the current album…

Motivational Jumpsuit isn’t short of hooks. Everything one could love about GBV is contained on this album… 20 songs, the longest barely going over the 3 minute mark. The entire album barely reaches the 40 minute mark. Short, sweet, to the point. “Lo-fi goodness” is a term perfectly applicable to anything GBV releases. The dynamic duo of Pollard and Sprout shine on this release. Actually, since reunited and releasing albums again I have grown to love the Tobin Sprout contributions to every album released since 2012. Pollard and Sprout are like the elder Chris Bell/Alex Chilton of the modern recording era. (in reality Pollard and Sprout are not much older than the now deceased Bell/Chilton).

So, anyway. Motivational Jumpsuit, like everything else GBV puts out, is an instant purchase. I have grown incredibly fascinated with Pollard’s ability to continuously write and release music at such a prolific rate. The vinyl pressing I acquired is virtually noise free. There were the usual specs of record pressing plant debris (one should technically clean new records before playing them..)

On a side note, this is my first post since December.. I really need to update a bit more.. Stay tuned!