Black Friday, the Day After.

So, I could not stay away. I found myself at Rhino Records in Claremont yesterday, around 3 p.m. I managed to pick up records I wanted. So anyway, earlier today (Saturday) I found myself at Mad Platter Records in Riverside to see what they’d have left… I picked up the Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds live from KCRW which sounds phenomenal.


Hey, thanks!

Kid A is thirteen years old. I remember KROQ in Los Angeles playing the entire album one night and I taped it off the radio, but I had to stand with foil attached to my radio antenna and not move or else static and other radio stations would bleed into KROQ’s station. It was quite the experience. 13 years later, still, one of my favorite albums. Funny thing about my cassette copy recorded off the radio.. A Mexican radio station did end up bleeding into the recording… towards the end of “Motion Picture Soundtrack” and I think it actually added something weird and surreal to that track.

But anyway. It is Thanksgiving here in America. I decided to finally update my “blog.” Tomorrow is “Back-to-black Black Friday Record Store Day.” It’s always fun to share with coworkers that I do collect records, it’s always even more fun to explain the concept of Record Store Day to them, especially if they’re older. The idea that there are still record stores in existence always astounds them. I’m actually bowing out of attending/going to Record Store Day tomorrow, due to some unexpected and expected expenses in my life during the last month. However, the records I did want are getting fairly large pressings so I shouldn’t have a problem getting them later on. The U2 single for Ordinary Love, Flaming Lips Peace Sword, and Miles Davis Kind of Blue reissue in mono were the records I was planning on picking up.

Sooo. To wrap things up, Happy Thanksgiving!