Black Friday Record Store Day 2011


My experience with this years’ Black Friday Record Store Day was a pleasant one. This years’ selection didn’t scream out “must have!” Honestly, I just wanted the Miles Davis Quartet reissue on ten inch blue vinyl and I did manage to get it and for only 12.99! The other thing I saw, and wasn’t planning to get, was the Black Keys 12 inch reverse groove single for Lonely Boy from their forthcoming LP El Camino. So I picked that up as well. I think it was the novelty of owning a reverse groove single that played into the purchase.

Last year was the first time I participated in the Black Friday RSD event and it seemed a bit hectic and challenging. Mainly due to the very limited releaase of the U2 Wide Awake in Europe ep.. which I did acquire.

Well.. that’s all I can really write about.  I helped the economy and supported my local independent store today. Everyone wins!