It’s been a cruel summer.


Actually it hasn’t really been a cruel summer. Today I realized, just as a I did yesterday and many other days before that I haven’t updated this blog/website in a while. Not since late June!

Today I attempted to organize my record collection because it has far exceeded what my Ikea Expedit shelves can hold. Man, those Ikea Expedit shelves are great for us record collector/hoarders. Sadly I realized that my obsession now needs the 5×5 Expedit shelves to contain itself. Will that happen? Probably so.

It’s kind of sad. While sifting through records I’ve purchased over the past 6 months there are some I actually forgot I purchased! One of my rules as a collector is that I listen to everything I buy. I never buy in bulk with the intent of listening later. I buy as I am digging/searching. Over the summer I actually stayed away from my favorite indie stores (I always support local indie stores but my bank account needed a break and honestly the stores I frequent will do fine without me) and I focused mainly on going to thrift stores again and visiting my local “antique galleria” and, this has proved pretty fruitful in my quest of whatever it is I am doing as a record collector.

Sometime’s it’s nice to just dig into your own collection and pull out some “old favorites.” I did this today while lounging around on a Sunday that feels like a lazy Saturday… but technically it is a lazy Sunday.

I revisited MGMT’s astonishing debut album, 2008’s “Oracular Spectacular.”  An album that is only 5 years old in in my opinion is already a classic. This album does stand out as one of the best debut albums ever. A great album anchored by three big singles “Time to Pretend”, “Electric Feel”, and “Kids” that pretty much everyone knows and still receives a lot of radio play and more than likely are those “old club” favorites still, to this day.. Beyond those songs, there are seven songs on this album are also great. MGMT followed up 2008’s Oracular Spectacular with 2010’s “Congratulations” which showed that they were going to be more than that band that wrote Time to Pretend, Electric Feel and Kids… Siberian Breaks anyone? Yeah. I look forward to their self titled album due out on September 17th.

Finishing that album I dug out my “Ramones Mania” two LP compilation that is a collection of some of their best, and early songs. A classic as well. Listening to this collection I can see how vital a band like the Ramones was.. A band that brought rock back to the basics. Did what they needed to do in under three minutes.

My point.. One can’t dismiss “new” bands. Songs as new and vibrant and important in 1978 are still as important as songs that were new, and inventive in 2008. I’ve been thinking about 2013 and albums and songs I’ve purchased this year and I need to get cracking on a best of list. Because lists always put things into perspective!


Sort of a book review: Vinyl Junkies


Brett Milano’s “Vinyl Junkies” is a great easy read. First published in 2003 and clocking in at 220 pages, minus the index, it should be no problem for a casual reader.  The author travelled the states and interviewed various collectors of lps and got into why they collect. Peter Buck, Thurston Moore, and others are interviewed. For the obsessive compulsive collector it is funny and a bit sad reading about others who have shared in the obsessive thrift store digging, or the dreaded buying another copy of an lp you forgot that you own. Anyway it is a great read and there is a lot more to the book than this “sort of a review” touched upon.